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Leg guards and windshields were put in on some models. The engine crankcase breather was transformed to lower the prospect of water coming into during fording. Blackout lights were installed. Many add-ons were available, adding leather-based scabbards for Thompson sub laptop guns, cargo racks for radio equipment, and skidplates. Unlike the Germans, the U. S. Big Dog Motorcycles Albuquerque, NM New Mexico's Custom Bike Headquarters!We are New Mexico's only licensed Big Dog Motorcycles Dealer. Other high functionality bikes in our line up consist of American Ironhorse, Big Inch Bikes, Proper Chopper, Rucker Performance and Wildwest Motorcycle Company. We have a few fresh Indian Motorcycles, too. Rio Grande Big Dog Motorcycles also builds custom bikes. Our stock also comprises many pre owned motorcycles adding Harley Davidsons.

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motorcycle worth getting

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motorcycle worth getting

Approximately 80% of motorcycle injuries result in injury or death.

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Engines began out as 596cc but higher to 745cc in 1927. Learn more...