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Military during World War II. The film The World's Fastest Indian is the tale of Burt Munro and his 1920s Scout during his Land Speed Record attempts. Crocker began out in 1932 making speedway racing bikes with single cylinders. These bikes were successful racers, but in 1936 the company shifted towards larger V twin powered road bikes. The Crocker V Twins were really superbikes in comparison to their competition, mainly Harley Davidson and Indian. While Indian and Harley had 38 hp 40 hp, Crocker's entry level 61 ci engine was striking out 55 hp 60 hp regularly. Crockers were built to order, and the greatest known engine put in at the manufacturing unit was of 91 ci around 1,491 cc displacement, a record for best engined manufacturing bike which stood for a few years until Yamaha broke it with the XV1600A in 1998. Production resulted in 1942. Only about 100 of the V Twin bikes were produced, with 68 known survivors today. This is a very rare bike and fetches huge quantities of money. The one in the above photo sold at public sale in 2007 for $230,000.

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motorcycle kicks car and crashes video

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triumph motorcycles 4 saleA front brake was added in 1928. In 1940 the famous big fenders gave the impression, as did a new sprung frame which was leaps and bounds more cozy than Harley's rigid frame. The chief was a ravishing and comfy bike and was able of 85mph in stock form. They were known to exceed 100mph when a good tuner got his hands on them. Many people were down in this bike for a very long time; it has made many "worst cars" lists. I like it as a result of the ingenuity it represents.

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motorcycle kicks car and crashes video

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